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Such amazing people work here! Thank you so much, you made my day!

I visited Wellness Centre 4 You because i had some problems with my skin. I was unsure, because of my condition, when woman is afraid of everything - i was pregnant. On the first trimester i had no problems with skin, but on the second a “joyfulness” started. I suffered from the depression, because i didn’t like the way i looked, i had acne, etc. Than i came to my therapist and she recommended me to visit Wellness Centre 4 you (her friend works there). However i didn’t agreed for the first time because i had many doubts. I thought that my baby’s health and comfort are more important that my hysteria. However, i talked with my doctor again and she told me that i don’t have any allergies, that’s why a natural ingrediants in treatment won’t harm me and my baby. So i made a decision to try. I’m not disappointed now, because the therapist explained me everything; i saw what she was doing and googled the treatments she used. My skin became cleaner and fresher. Of course, it can’t be perfect until parturition and my own rehabilitation. However, i enjoy the result. Thank you so much!

I had been suffering from acne for 5 years and nothing could help me. But then, my friend told me about new treatment called Hollywood peel. Firstly, i didn’t believe that it could help me. But, being absolutely doubtful about what i was doing, I called to Wellness Centre 4 you. The procedure wasn’t very pleasant, but THE RESULT WORTH IT! My skin is clean and very soft. The procedure is not very cheap. However, i’m totally convinced that it’s better to spend not a small amount of money at once, than suffering from acne for so many years, spending more. Thank you so much!

I would like to say how happy I am to be a client of the Wellness Centre 4 You. I really admire and appreciate the high quality services you provide, and the knowledge and passion you share through your work. A big thank you for an amazing experience!If you are looking for somewhere where you will be treated like a friend with personal, caring service and be introduced to products and services tailored to YOU, then look no further!

Thank you for your services!!!It’s always professional care and obvious results,very friendly environment and attitude.My experience was just WONDERFULL!Highly recommend to everybody!!!

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