Facial treatments for pregnant

Facial treatments for pregnant

During pregnancy, a woman becomes more feminine, more beautiful, more charming…In fact, the hormonal changes may cause some unpleasant consequences such as acne, redness and a tired look. And then a question appears – is it safe to get facials during pregnancy?

The answer is YES! Moreover, some treatments not only make your skin look better, but also can make you feel better.
Just take into account that the facials are safe during pregnancy as long as you stick to a basic cleansing facial with no bells and whistles, such as electric currents,  chemical peels or laser therapies.

Your skin is probably super-sensitive right now, so don’t be surprised if it’s uncomfortable—if it is, ask the aesthetician to go a little easier and maybe even give you a light head massage. You also want to tell them to tread lightly on the extractions (you know, when they push out the blackheads and other nastiness in your pores).

Is It Safe?

Much is made of the radiant glow that illuminates a pregnant woman’s face. But the reality may be quite different. Hormonal changes can cause your skin to break out in spots, become dry or oily. Some women experience pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes, heat rashes, flaky skin etc. But are facials safe during pregnancy? If you’re a regular visitor to a beauty salon, it’s good to know whether you can continue this routine during pregnancy.

Getting A Facial During Pregnancy:

Wherever we are, whatever we feel, women always want to look radiant in any cases. Meanwhile, the health and well-being of the tiny life that’s growing within remains topmost in every expectant mother’s mind. There are some things you need to know about facials and pregnancy, starting with why they can be great for you.

The benefits of facials during pregnancy:

  • They’re relaxing and refreshing
  • You look like a million dollars
  • The compliments pour in and help you ignore the minor discomforts of pregnancy
  • Minor skin eruptions and rashes can be taken care of
  • Salon treatments can enhance sleep and relaxation

The Things You Should Avoid

Electric currents, extracting blackheads/tightening pores, light therapy, chemical peels, dermabrasion, plastic surgery, long massage sessions, heat and steam treatments should be the big no-no’s on your list while you’re pregnant.

WELLNESS CENTRE 4 YOU uses only natural and organic products. We understand how susceptible our pregnant clients are, that is why you should talk with your therapist before taking any procedures to prevent the appearance of allergies or discomfort.

Tips To Have A Safe Facial During Pregnancy

Forewarned is forearmed – take into consideration some tips, which are really useful:

  • Don’t forget to mention that you’re pregnant while making the appointment at your beauty salon.
  • Talk to your doctor and visit only a high-quality, reliable beautician in a clean, hygienic and safe salon.
  • Talk to the salon manager beforehand if it’s your first post-pregnancy facial. Inform the staff who will be attending on you about your condition.
  • Get a complete list of the products and ingredients.
  • Discuss/understand the types of treatments.
  • If you find your instructions not being adhered to, stop the treatment at once.
  • Never use any skin-lightening agents or retinoid/salicylic acid containing products. Use only very mild bleaching agents or hair-removal creams.


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