Anti-aging skin care

Anti-aging skin care

This “Anti-aging” skin care boasting Phyto-hormones, enables a thorough skin regeneration.

This treatment is intended for women who want to offer their skin a state-of-the-art fundamental care treatment. Studies carried out have shown an improvement in skin quality. The skin shows new signs of vitality and youth. Smoothed out, suppler and firmer, it asserts its resistance and dynamism through a decrease in the number and depth of wrinkles.


An excellent anti-aging treatment, recommended for women from 45 years onwards.

A phyto-complex combined with restructuring ingredients re-launches the cell metabolism and re-builds an overly lined face. Skin revitalization treatment. Results can be seen and felt immediately.

Length of treatment = 60 minutes

Treatment includes 6 sessions

Treatment frequency = Once per week


Our Research Departments have selected different plant extracts such as Wild Yam, which help fight against tired-looking skin, lack of tone and boost again the skin youth mechanisms.