Hair restoration

Grow 150 hairs per square inch with this European Breakthrough Technology!

We are capable to prevent hair loss and reverse your grey hair.

PRP contains at least 8 growth factors that rejuvenate skin on your scalp. These factors prevent hair loss, slow down hair thinning, regrow thinning hair thicker & fuller, and reduce the visibility of scarring on the scalp.

How does PRP Hair Restoration work?

PRP therapy uses a compound called platelet-rich plasma, which is derived from your own blood through an extraction and concentration process. This compound is then injected into your scalp to stimulate follicle growth and boost the number of hair strands from each follicles. As the result, hair loss is diminished and new hair growth is activated. But that is not all! PRP Hair Restoration also reduces grey hair by enhancing vitality, color and brightness of hair.


All cosmetic injectables are performed by top industry professionals, who are licensed Registered Nurses. We offer price breaks on various packages and flexible payment plans in order to reach the results you want.