Venus Skin™

The Venus Skin™ collection of skin care products is available exclusively to Venus Concept customers. Our facial and body care products have been specifically formulated to be used as both pre- and post-treatment care with all our energy-based Venus Concept devices to ensure optimal results that last.

Stem cell healing

Our bodies use stem cells to heal tissue injury and decay throughout our life. Providing fundamental cellular activity, stem cells deliver the very growth factors responsible for collagen production, epidermal thickening, and for commanding all nearby cells to stimulate healing and repair. As we age, these growth factor-rich cells dramatically decline in number and our skin consequently receives fewer of these molecular healing messages; thus the skin begins to show signs of aging. Venus Skin’s™ expertly designed formulas supply the skin with a healthy dose of pro-healing bio-signals, turning back the clock on aging and rejuvenating the look and feel of skin.